How to start to learn a new language: It is Duolingo!

Learning new stuff can be difficult sometimes. If it is a new language, it can be seen as impossible.

I was in this situation in near past. I learned English enough and I wanted to learn a second foreign language. So I began searching.

My checklist was like that:
Stay in Latin alphabet.
Stay in the first world countries.

After this basic filter, my language list became like that.
German (How about no?)
Italian (I heard Italian enough in Assassin’s Creed series.)
Spanish (It was the second candidate.)
and French (That was my decision. Also I am driving a Renault.)

But I realized that selecting was nothing. But also starting was nothing because all my tryings went fail. I couldn’t sit in front of the Youtube videos those are trying to make you learn French every evening after a full workday.

Days were passed empty until the day that I learned about Duolingo. Duolingo is one of the best examples of the power of gamification. It is pure fun, and it really makes easy to begin to learn a language. Duolingo makes you say “I can do it.”

After using Duolingo, I notice that there are tons of alternatives to Duolingo. It makes sense because I think gamification is the best invention for learning not only language but everything.

Here is my Duolingo profile:

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