Author: Mustafa Tufan

How to start to learn a new language: It is Duolingo!

Learning new stuff can be difficult sometimes. If it is a new language, it can be seen as impossible. I was in this situation in near past. I learned English enough and I wanted to learn a second foreign language. So I began searching. My checklist was like that: Stay in Latin alphabet. Stay in […]

Some Thoughts About Bitcoin

I love Alien series. In Prometheus movie, two guys bet on a hundred credits, not on a hundred bucks. When I first watched, it sparked me. In 2093, people would use credits, not money. Those credits can be satoshis one day, why not? BTC/USD is over 10.000 nowadays. Bitcoin is the gold of new economic […]

It’s time.

Hello, bloggers’ universe. This is the first post and will be also the most awkward one. I don’t have any experience that what is the best practice for it. First posts are interesting. They are written with the hope that is made by future dreams and expectations. I really have pushed myself to write a […]