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Last Updated: Feb. 3, 2019


Mustafa Tufan Software Engineer

Hi! I am Mustafa, a software engineer with finance-related master degree. I am always in pursuit of designing the best software & writing the best line of codes. I am passionate about details, continuously think about how to improve myself, where I am & what I do. I am obsessive on three subjects: product, best practices, and teamwork.

With the product, I mean the customer. In the end, all of that hard work is for the customer that uses our product. Customer feedback is always enough indicator to begin to work on the issue for me.

With the best practices, I don't mean the first result on Google. I mean the result that matches our product most.

With the teamwork, I mean feedback oriented company culture. I am always open to feedback and, also I believe being open to feedback is essential to survive in business.

+90 538 018 95 16
+372 5784 93 31

Career Goals
Relocating to an EU country
Being part of a top-notch product
Java ecosystem
Nov. 13, 1992
Republic of Turkey


Software Developer at Allianz in Izmir, Turkey Jul. 2018 - Current
Allianz is one of the largest finance and insurance company in the world. Working in a team that commits to all applications those Allianz Turkey operation needs. Developing with Java ecosystem and PL/SQL.

Software Developer at Infina in Istanbul, Turkey Mar. 2016 - Jun. 2018
Infina is a midsize fintech company, located in Istanbul, Turkey. Worked on a team that develops & supports Infleks Operation project that is a back office system for investment banks. Citibank, Akbank & Şekerbank are the major users of Infleks Operation. Mainly, committed to Accounting, Fund, Derivative & Customer modules. Developed with Java ecosystem, Sybase, MSSQL, Primefaces and Jasper Reports.

Intern at Emeltek in Elazig, Turkey Feb. 2015 - Jun. 2015
Developed & published an Android game that named KELİME BUL includes Google Play Game Services, Unity Ads & Admob. Totally downloaded over 50,000. Developed with Unity3D and C#.

Intern at Netix in Elazig, Turkey Jun. 2013 - Sep. 2013
Developed Encrypted SMS Android app which provides you send & receive SMS with Android SDK, Java and AES encryption.

Intern at Dream Harvesters in Antalya, Turkey Jun. 2012 - Sep. 2012
Committed to LanistaWars title. Also programmed a tool that helps to edit subtitle texts. Developed with Unity3D and C#.


MS in Capital Markets and Stock Exchange at Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey 2017 - 2019
Two terms master’s degree program that includes finance theory, economic analysis, and financial mathematics.

BS in Software Engineering at Firat University in Elazig, Turkey 2010 - 2015
Software engineering bachelor's degree education includes that object-oriented programming, database systems, data structures, game and mobile app development, AI basics, software quality assurance & testing.

Information Technology at Gaziemir Anadolu Technical High School in Izmir, Turkey 2006 - 2010
High school education that includes computer, programming & database basics.